Building Modern Web Applications

I gave this presentation to a packed house at DevCon5 in NYC July 24th. DevCon5 is a web developers conference and this year it focused on HTML5. This was one of the hardest presentations I’ve worked on for the simple fact that the audience had name recognition, but not familiarity with the database industry. Typically I’ve leaned on the fact that most participants were familiar with at least one database prior to my presentation, I had no such luxury here.

Building your First app with MongoDB at MongoSV 2011

10gen had our flagship conference in Silicon Valley. I gave an introductory presentation at the first session on building an application in MongoDB. This talk will introduce the features of MongoDB by walking through how one can building a simple location-based application using MongoDB. It covers the basics of MongoDB’s document model, query language, map-reduce framework and deployment architecture. Building your first application w/mongoDB MongoSV2011 View more presentations from Steve Francia