Human readable du sorted by size

du is the *nix command for disk usage”). It tells you how much space everything in the given directory is taking up. GNU du introduced a handy option -h making it human readable, or showing sizes using K, M, G rather than bytes. Unfortunately this makes it not sortable numerically. Here’s how to sort du by size and keep it as human readable. Insert the following function into your .profile or .bash_profile file.

Managing Multiple Firefox Profiles in OS X

Image via Wikipedia One of the great features of Firefox is the ability to manage multiple profiles. This is a very handy feature with many different uses. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to do on a mac. I will show you how to setup multiple profiles on a mac that appear and run like normal mac applications so you can click on them and run them from quicksilver. UPDATED 10/16/09 : Now working with Snow Leopard!