Today marks the last post of my blog-a-thon. It has been a learning and growing experience. I have blogged more time in the past 4 weeks as I did the prior 52. It was challenging and rewarding.

I feel I have developed as a blogger and having 3 posts a week has brought the blog to the front of my mind. Not only did I write many articles, but I’ve started a bunch more and have ideas for even more than that. Needless to say increasing the frequency of posts actually increased my depth of topics and ideas.

Towards the end (this week) I started to run a bit out of steam. It was a combination of a bunch of external forces that really squashed the time I would have rather been blogging. Sometimes life is like that though. Besides, this isn’t my day job. It wasn’t mission critical, it was intended as a challenge and for fun. All in all it was a good experience. I think I’d do it again, but probably not for a while.

I do think I will continue to blog more regularly, but probably more on a one or two a week schedule as with my current work and family responsibilities that seems a bit more practical.