Engaging Employees

There is one trait that if possessed can virtually ensure success, the ability to nurture a culture of engaged workers.

Engaged workers do work harder or longer, but that’s not the core benefit, rather an engaged employee will demonstrate commitment, dedication, initiative and will work for the company (rather than for a paycheck). Engaged workers require no supervision and little management. Only when employees are properly engaged can organization move as one towards a unified goal. When employees are engaged, organizations will succeed because all the participants will ensure it.

How does a leader engage employees and once engaged, how do you maintain it?

Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Embrace councils

    Let the group make key decisions together. Nothing engages people more than knowing that they have a say in the direction (and by extension success).

  2. Ask for help.

    It’s amazing how trusted individuals feel when they are asked for help.

  3. Eliminate leeches

    Someone who isn’t performing or engaged is a cancer on the organization. Resolve the situation by either engaging them, or giving them the privilage of finding a different company they can be engaged with.

  4. Listen

    Sure you are busy. Employees recognize that, so when you take time out to listen to them they feel unified and trusted. As a bonus, you will learn a ton from listening to those whom you lead.

  5. Admit mistakes

    Nobody wants to work for a ‘perfect’ leader. You’ve made mistakes, plenty of them. Admit them and you’re employees will respect you for it.

  6. Accept an honest answer

    If the answer is ‘no’ or ’3 weeks longer’ accept it. Show you have trust in and respect for your employees by trusting their ability to assess the situation.

  7. Have a vision

    Any organization needs a vision they can rally around. Something guiding their decisions and efforts.

  8. Be consistent

    Once you have a vision, strategically plan out goals and stick to them. Don’t be as a flag in the wind, changing direction every time the wind blows. Give your employees a reason to have confidence in your leadership abilities.