Managing Your Social Media Presence

As social media continues to emerge, many professionals are curious on what is the best way to manage these various networks. For posting updates I have found an invaluable resource. I use it to manage updates across all my networks including TwitterFacebook,LinkedIn, Flicker, FriendFeed and more. Here’s the skinny on how I utilize this resource.

If you’re not familar with it enables one to post updates to one or many different websites though email, web, IM, SMS and widgets. also supports images so they can be sent via any of those methods that support images. One of my favorite features of is it’s ability to cross post or selectively post to groups. It does this in an elegant manner through using groups. To send an update to a group, all one needs to do is prepend my update with a #groupname and it will only update those groups.


I don’t necessarily want every single update to go to all locations, but frequently want an update to goto more than one location.  For instance…

This Update…

Just ordered 25 4×6 prints for 25. Great deals every day this week… check it out

Is perfect for the #tweet group. I’d love to share it with everyone on my network. However it isn’t really appropriate for LinkedIn as it’s clearly not something I’m working on.

and this update… – Taking the team out to shake shack. If were going to have a multi hour meeting we might as well have it in a park with good food.

Is appropriate for my #all group. I’ll throw this on linkedIn as well as twitter and facebook.

Some of my more personal updates I’ll reserve only for facebook.