My Favorite Rands Posts

If you don’t know Rands (real name Michael Lopp), you should. His blog is full of excellent content from someone who successfully figured out how to transition from managing bits to Managing Humans (also the title of his first book). Whether you are a developer, a tech manager, or manage something else, you’ll find value in his posts. I’ve been reading his blog for years and it’s influenced my decisions greatly.

Here are some of my favorite posts.

Taking Time to Think

Pretty self explanatory from the title. Seems like without even realizing it I’ve baked it into my day.

Signs of Art

Rands explains why software isn’t just bits, bytes and logic.

Don’t be a Prick

The working title of Rand’s book on management and a solid piece of advice.

What to do When You’re Screwed

Or what to do when you are promoted from developer to manager.


Rands post on shipping a 1.0 version of a product including all the pitfalls and struggles that accompany it. If you’ve ever worked on a team releasing a product weather you are a designer, CEO or developer, this is a must read guide.