My Own Private Blogathon

Someone once said a goal is a dream until you write it down … in your blog and tell the world about it.

In an effort to focus on blogging a bit more frequently I have decided to start a blogathon beginning today. I will write a post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next four weeks. I think this rate will permit me to continue to keep quality posts, while increasing the frequency and consequently the quantity. As usual my posts can be expected to be quite random, perhaps more so than ever. This is a major undertaking for me as currently I have been posting about once a month since I started this blog. The goal here is to embark on a blogging journey and hopefully create some great content along the way.

The whole idea for this came from noticing that Seth Godin writes a daily blog. Seth has great content and to produce quality content that often requires true skill.. Of course that’s his day job and he writes one of the most popular blogs on the web. I hope you will join me in the journey here and pass along the good word.

It’s all starting with this post. Stay tuned for another great post on Wednesday!