New Facebook in Depth Review

Facebook just unveiled their biggest change yet. The website is a preview of the next design of Facebook. The new design places more emphasis on friends and actions and downplays the applications. There is a lot more than just design going on. They also reveal some new functionality. I will present an in-depth review of what to expect from Facebook complete with screenshots.

New Profile Screen

The new profile screen is where the meat of the changes are. First of all the new layout is a welcome change. Noticibly missing are the excessive applications that were turning Facebook into myspace (and that is a bad thing). It is very ajax driven and most actions happen without leaving the page.

New Facebook 2Profile

Info Tab

The info tab retains the sidebar and looks similar to the current version, except with increased usability as you can now edit on the same screen.

Facebook2 | InfoTab

Photo Tab

The photo tab is much more prominent that photos were previously on Facebook. This is a sign that Facebook is finally getting it that media is important.

Facebook 2 | PhotosTab

Boxes Tab

The applications for the most part have been hidden in the Boxes tab.

Facebook 2 | Boxestab

More Profile Functionality

The profile is very web 2.0 and ajaxy, or whatever term you want to use. It is responsive and intuitive. Try to upload a photo or video on Facebook currently. It is easily the most overly confusing process on the site. The new Facebook completely fixes this by placing actions right on the profile page.

Facebook 2 | profile addphotos
Facebook 2 | Profile EmbedMedia
Facebook | ProfileNotes

Additionally Facebook now provides filters for your news feed.

Facebook 2 | Filtering wallposts

Applications Menu

In the new version Facebook made a good choice in having the new applications menu appear in the new top nav, and pop out instead of occupying valuable real estate. It appears that not all applications will just work with the new Facebook, but the Facebook created ones are already ported over.

Facebook 2 | Applications Menu -Horoscopes

The New Friends Screen

Little has changed here. A screenshot just for proof. In all honesty though, this was the one thing Facebook already did an impressive job with.

Facebook 2 | AllFriends