Selling on OpenSky

As anyone who reads my blog or follows my tweets knows, I’ve been working for a new startup called OpenSky since February 2010. We’ve launched a new ecommerce platform and aim to reinvent ecommerce as people know it online.

One of the big things we are doing is making it so anyone can sell OpenSky products from anywhere online. In the spirit of eating my own dogfood, I’ve become an OpenSky seller. These are products that I have and use in my home. I won’t recommend anything I don’t use and can personally vouch for. Periodically, I’ll be posting great products I find here to share with my readers. See my first set of products for sale after the fold.

Updated 2013… this page used to link to opensky’s checkout, but this functionality is no longer available. Post remains for archival reasons.

Vita-Mix Blender

I used to call this the blender for people that can’t do math. It’s a $400 blender that’s worth every penny.

We bought this blender about a year ago when we learned it’s also a grain mill. We’ve used it to make smoothies, juice, soup and even bread dough, all only using the blender from the raw ingredients.

It’s 2 HP and can crush ice on the lowest setting without blinking.

Melissa and Doug Pirate Puzzle

Melissa and Doug make quality products. We got this puzzle a few weeks ago for the kids. It’s 100 large pieces made of heavy cardboard, super durable and perfect for kids.

My kids really enjoyed putting this together. It was a bit challenging for the younger ones, but each was able to contribute.