I have spent the last few years tweaking and refining my VIM configuration until I had the Ultimate Vim Config.  It is well organized and documented taking full advantage of Tpope’s pathogen for a excellent clean and modular configuration. The Ultimate vim config contains the perfect .vimrc file combined with an excellent set of plugins all easily managed thanks to pathogen and git. It is on GitHub so you can always grab the latest.

The Ultimate VIM Configuration

This is the ultimate vim configuration.

Modular configuration using power of pathogen & git

Far more than just a well crafted .vimrc file (though it’s got one of those too), it  makes use of pathogen to have a well organized vim directory. It heavily uses git submodules where possible for all plugins so each plugin can easily and independently be kept up to date.

Fully cross platform

It also works well on Windows, Linux and OSX without even modifying directories. Just git clone and run.

The perfect .vimrc file

The vimrc file is perfectly suited programming and also works well for general use. It is very well organized and folds in sections. Each section is labeled and each option is commented.

It fixes many of the inconveniences of vanilla vim including:

  • One config can be used across Windows, Mac and linux

  • Eliminates swap and backup files from littering directories, preferring to store in a central (hidden) location.

  • Fixes common command typos like :W, :Q, etc

  • Setup a solid set of settings for formatting (change to meet your needs)

  • Setup the interface to take advantage of vim’s features including

    • omnicomplete
    • line numbers
    • syntax highlighting
    • a better ruler & status line
    • tons more
  • Configuring included plugins

Includes the best Plugins

I compile and configure a few popular vim plugins, colors, snippets, etc

Most of the bundles are git submodules facilitating easy updating and configuration.

It also contains a very complete set of snippets for use with snipmate.

Easy Installation

 git clone git://github.com/spf13/spf13-vim.git

 cd spf13-vim

 git submodule update --init

I setup symlinks after this so I can maintain the repo outside of my actual config location.

Use ln -s on mac/unix or mklink on windows.

 cd ~

 ln -s /path/to/spf13-vim/vimrc .vimrc

 ln -s /path/to/spf13-vim/vim .vim

Find it on GitHub