Checking Vendor References

One task that should be part of every IT managers is performing reference checks on potential vendors. A vendor reference check goes beyond the sales pitch to reveal the true nature of a product or company. If you’re not performing reference checks you are susceptible of falling prey to a slick sales pitch with nothing but trouble behind it. Vendors only provide the customers they are certain will give a glowing endorsement.

How RIM handed the mobile market over to Apple

Image representing iPhone 3G as depicted in Crunchbase Hint: It has nothing to do with touch screens. While RIM scrambles to create the next greatest device, or their “iPhone killer” it needs to recognize that it’s no longer about the device. RIM don’t you remember that touchscreens aren’t new.. Palm had them back in the 90′s … before you crushed them. When RIM ruled the world RIM knows what it takes to dethrone the current market leader.

Hire Your Next Consultant Using Twitter

At Portero we had an issue with our network. I know enough about networking to understand the basics. I actually used to work on the IOS back during the dawn of the internet. Though things have changed since then, the biggest issue is I don’t remember enough to fix network configuration issues on the router level. Before I took the post at Portero, we had a company we contracted to configure all of our Cisco equipment.

Implementing a Corporate Wiki

It seems all of a sudden, the two buzz words in the corporate IT world are wiki and blog. Corporate wikis are emerging as cheap, intelligent, flexible systems for shared-document collaboration and content management. Because they are browser based, wikis are quite easy to implement and deploy. The wiki works well in the corporate world as it solves two problematic areas, the need for internal collaboration and document management.