Software Development's Magic Triangle

There’s an old adage “Fast, Cheap, Good; Pick Two”. This situation is called a magic triangle. You can have two and only two, if you try for all three you will compromise all three. Fools often try, losing everything. In the world of software development, another magic triangle exists. You can pick any two of the three, but not all three, so figure out what’s truly important. Fixed Schedules Fixed Features High Quality Unfortunately business owners rarely have visibility into the last one (Quality).

Fascinating interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

In 2007, All Things Digital held a fascinating interview with both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The interview runs long and is spread out over multiple clips. I’ve only included the first handful here. Watch the rest on youtube. It’s clear that they have a reasonably good relationship and clearly know each other well. They have a genuine and sincere respect for each other. It’s amazing how firm a grasp both have on the industry as a whole.

Windows 7 launch notes

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Microsoft Launch Developer Preview meeting in NYC. Microsoft is holding these all over the country to prepare IT and developers for the upcoming launch. Overall it was a good meeting and Microsoft is delivering a great product. More importantly they have a really good chance of overcoming the bad taste of vista and emerge as a innovation leader. These are my notes taken during the meeting with some of my insights.