Hugo: A fast and flexible static site generator built in GoLang

Hugo Website Hugo is a static site generator written in Go. It is optimized for speed, easy use and configurability. Hugo takes a directory with content and templates and renders them into a full html website. Hugo makes use of markdown files with front matter for meta data. Written in GoLang for speed, Hugo is significantly faster than most other static site generators. A typical website of moderate size can be rendered in a fraction of a second.

Go Go Hugo blog

spf13 responsive website

After after a few months of work I’m happy to display the newest incarnation of

Protecting Intellectual Property on Your Blog

The protection of your intellectual property, or any information that you post to your blog, forum or website, can be a tricky subject. While there are those unscrupulous few out there in the cyber world who will purposely copy your words as their own, there are more people that are simply ignorant of the laws, unaware that they are stealing when they copy and reuse your musings. According to a criminal lawyer at an Orlando based firm that we spoke to, there are steps that you can take to make sure that your intellectual property is protected.

WP GitHub Code Viewer

GitHub Code Viewer 2 is a plugin for wordpress that will automatically pull a file from github and place into any post using a shortcode [github_cv url=‘$url’]. It caches the code locally (in db), so it’s quite fast and can be even faster when combined with wp_super_cache or w3c_total_cache. It will re-request the code from github every 24 hours (by default, but it’s configurable) so the code in your post will always remain up to date.

Moving to WordPress

I’ve used Drupal to power my blog since I started it over 2 years ago. It has been a bitter sweet relationship, but in general I’ve been pleased. In those two years, WordPress as a product has rocketed past Drupal, and feels much more mature. While Drupal 7 should level the field a bit, it’s a ways away and WordPress 3.0 is already here.

Getting Started With Drupal

Drupal is a very powerful content management solution. It powered an earlier version of this website as well as Drupal is a relatively easy to use system, but there are a few key concepts that you really need to understand in getting started. I often find that webcasts are fantastic resources for instruction. I recently helped a non-techie friend setup a drupal site and was surprised at how many (really bad) drupal videos existed online.

Conclusion of the Blog-a-thon

Today marks the last post of my blog-a-thon. It has been a learning and growing experience. I have blogged more time in the past 4 weeks as I did the prior 52. It was challenging and rewarding. I feel I have developed as a blogger and having 3 posts a week has brought the blog to the front of my mind. Not only did I write many articles, but I’ve started a bunch more and have ideas for even more than that.

Migrating to Feedburner

I’ve made the decision to take control of my feeds. I want to know how many users are reading my blog via syndication so I’ve decided to move to feedburner. The migration will be seamless for all readers. Additionally I’ll be able to provide syndication via email as well. How to Migrate from Drupal to FeedBurner These directions are written with Drupal in mind, though the approach used would work for pretty much any system.

How I Blog

Not surprisingly, given my semi random content, I arrive at my posts a few different ways. 1. I better write this down or I’ll never remember it These posts are the result of a rather frustrating night of problem solving. After reading tons of documentation and googling around, reading forums and discussing on IRC I finally got it working. Now I better write it down so I know how to do it next time.

My Own Private Blogathon

Someone once said a goal is a dream until you write it down … in your blog and tell the world about it. In an effort to focus on blogging a bit more frequently I have decided to start a blogathon beginning today. I will write a post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next four weeks. I think this rate will permit me to continue to keep quality posts, while increasing the frequency and consequently the quantity.

Featured in CIO Magazine!

Steve Francia in CIO Magazine I don’t know what could be more shocking that opening this month’s edition of CIO magazine and discovering that my blog, this very blog that you are currently reading is one of two blogs featured this month. I am humbled and honored to be mentioned and included with such great peers. To all my new readers I look forward to connecting with you via Twitter or LinkedIn.