Hybrid MongoDB / SQL Applications

MongoDB is often used alongside a relational database such as Oracle or MySQL. It is often unclear when one should use one or the other, or if a combination is really ideal. During this online presentation, we will discuss the ideal use cases for each, and how they can be used in conjunction. We’ll make sure to touch on several real world examples. The full recording can be found at 10gen’s site at http://www.

E-commerce in LA

This week I joined a few of my co-workers down in LA. We met with a few companies and ran the MongoDB LA Users Group. Notably I met with Magento about the possibility of Magento 2.0 being built on MongoDB. On my final night in LA I presented on MongoDB, E-commerce and Transactions. I really enjoyed my time in LA and am looking forward to returning. I was impressed by how many companies are using MongoDB in LA and how great the interaction was at the Meetup.

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Traditionally ecommerce companies have had no place in the cloud. The lack of established standards, multi-tenancy nature and need to be PCI compliant have been three large barriers to entry for any organization exploring this possibility. Recently many e-commerce companies (including OpenSky) have begun to implement a hybrid approach to infrastructure mixing traditional data centers with cloud offerings to achieve a best of both worlds solution. Here is how I approached this when I was at OpenSky.

Augmenting RDBMS with NoSQL for e-commerce

Justin Hileman and I gave a presentation on “Augmenting RDBMS with NoSQL for e-commerce” at the PgEast 2011 conference. This presentation is really the sequel (no pun intended) to my presentation, MongoDB & Ecommerce : A Perfect Combination. This presentation takes you through how we created a hybrid solution blending both sql and nosql to achieve an optimal solution. Augmenting RDBMS with MongoDB for ecommerce View more presentations from Steve Francia

MongoDB & Ecommerce : A Perfect Combination

Last night I gave a presentation on MongoDB & Ecommerce. OpenSky is the first company to use MongoDB in production for ecommerce. I shared why we went this route, and why it’s an obvious and powerful combination. At OpenSky we use MongoDB to develop the next ecommerce platform. OpenSky also uses Symfony 2, Doctrine 2, PHP 5.3, PHPUnit 3.5, jQuery, node.js, Git”) (with gitflow) and a touch of Java”) and Python”).

Selling on OpenSky

As anyone who reads my blog or follows my tweets knows, I’ve been working for a new startup called OpenSky since February 2010. We’ve launched a new ecommerce platform and aim to reinvent ecommerce as people know it online. One of the big things we are doing is making it so anyone can sell OpenSky products from anywhere online. In the spirit of eating my own dogfood, I’ve become an OpenSky seller.

Analyzing and Improving Conversion

Image by LollyKnit via Flickr Conversion is one of those core metrics that every business depends on and strives to improve. Improving your conversion rate (while maintaining a consistent traffic level) is the single most important goal any business should have. Not only will your sales increase without adding additional load but your marketing will be more efficient so you can spend more money driving more sales.

How to Fix a Broken Marketplace (eBay)

Image via Crunchbase Do you still remember when eBay was a great place to buy and sell things? Today most auctions close without a single bid and very few are purchased at all. Most items are sold by “power sellers” which is really code word for businesses. Heck, most sellers are probably businesses at this point. As eBay discovers it isn’t recession proof and scrambles to become a primarily “buy it now” channel it needs to remember what eBay was.

Why are you still shopping offline?

Today I visited one of the largest national office supply outlets. I had a specific purpose in mind. I needed to pickup 2 wireless routers and 1 audio cable. What transpired caused me to wonder why anyone does any offline shopping anymore. My experience at the store caused me to reflect on the many things we simply put up with at the store which we would never permit online.