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Not Just Hadoop: NoSQL in the Enterprise at Strata NYC 2012

At the NYC Strata & Hadoop World conference I presented on ‘Not Just Hadoop: NoSQL in the Enterprise’. Robert Lancaster from Orbitz joined me on stage for the final presentation of the Bridge to Big Data track. Mark Madsen did a great job moderating the session and kept the energy high the entire day. Robert shared how Orbitz uses MongoDB with Apache Hadoop to provide real time rates. This is my second time presenting at Strata’s Big Data conference.

Protecting Intellectual Property on Your Blog

The protection of your intellectual property, or any information that you post to your blog, forum or website, can be a tricky subject. While there are those unscrupulous few out there in the cyber world who will purposely copy your words as their own, there are more people that are simply ignorant of the laws, unaware that they are stealing when they copy and reuse your musings. According to a criminal lawyer at an Orlando based firm that we spoke to, there are steps that you can take to make sure that your intellectual property is protected.

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Traditionally ecommerce companies have had no place in the cloud. The lack of established standards, multi-tenancy nature and need to be PCI compliant have been three large barriers to entry for any organization exploring this possibility. Recently many e-commerce companies (including OpenSky) have begun to implement a hybrid approach to infrastructure mixing traditional data centers with cloud offerings to achieve a best of both worlds solution. Here is how I approached this when I was at OpenSky.

Competition for the Cloud Heats Up

karindalziel Cloud no longer a single vendor game. For years cloud computing has been synonymous with Amazon whose Amazon Web Services really created and defined the space. In the past year other providers have matured and in some areas even surpassing Amazon. In a conversation with Scott White, the VP of Sales from Rackspace, he related to me their approach on the cloud and how customers are utilizing their cloud offering.

Pandora's IPO ... a sign of the times

Pandora filed their IPO today. By end of day Pandora was worth 3.2 Billion . The amazing thing about stock is it really has no direct correlation to a companies actual performance, but is rather valued based on perception, hype and desire. All very human emotions, not logic. Apparently all the people who purchased Pandora $P stock today hadn’t read Pandora’s filing with the SEC. I did. Here’s what you need to know.

The Browser as an application platform

With Google launching their chrome book is significant as it reflects a substantial shift in the world of computing. For the first time ever, the application platform isn’t the operating system, nor is it adobe air, .net or java, it’s the browser. The browser once, a simple tool for fetching and rendering content is now the most important application platform in the world. Ultimately the reason we are converging on the browser being the platform is because java failed.

A new page for Google

With a single tweet Google CEO Eric Schmidt announce a shift at the top of the search giant. The timing of this announcement can’t help but call to question if someone more youthful is needed at the helm to hold off the tidal waves of Apple, Microsoft and Facebook. Odd that Google chose twitter and a blog post to convey this instead of more traditional methods. “Day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed!

My take on open source licenses

Open Source licensing can be a confusing and daunting task. Most developers simply adopt licenses of other popular projects. I wanted to shed some light on the most popular licenses and provide some guidance on which one should be used and when. Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, I am not qualified to nor am I imparting sound legal advice. BSD & MIT Both licenses are very similar. They are very liberal and allow for sub-licensing meaning that any derived works may be released under a different (commercial or otherwise) license.

Top Sites Running Drupal

Image via Wikipedia Drupal is a very powerful Content Management Solution. Many other organizations both large and small have found it to be a perfect platform for managing their website including some Fortune 100 companies. I decided to compile a list of some of the more notable organizations running drupal. This list is not exhaustive, but intended to demonstrate top site powered by drupal. If you know other top sites also powered by drupal, please list them in the comments below.

Windows 7 launch notes

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Microsoft Launch Developer Preview meeting in NYC. Microsoft is holding these all over the country to prepare IT and developers for the upcoming launch. Overall it was a good meeting and Microsoft is delivering a great product. More importantly they have a really good chance of overcoming the bad taste of vista and emerge as a innovation leader. These are my notes taken during the meeting with some of my insights.

How to Fix a Broken Marketplace (eBay)

Image via Crunchbase Do you still remember when eBay was a great place to buy and sell things? Today most auctions close without a single bid and very few are purchased at all. Most items are sold by “power sellers” which is really code word for businesses. Heck, most sellers are probably businesses at this point. As eBay discovers it isn’t recession proof and scrambles to become a primarily “buy it now” channel it needs to remember what eBay was.

Stop Twitter from Becoming the next MySpace

Image via Crunchbase 6 months ago Twitter was the best place in existence to use and develop great relations with key players in industry, brilliant thinkers and friends. It has since become popular, and like the kids trying to be popular in high school, has become a whore. Not that it was ever exclusive by restrictions, but rather by obscurity. Now twitter is being over run with spammers, marketeers ( is there a difference ), robots, celebrities, fake celebrities, ghost writers and a whole flood of me too people.

Facebook Meets Twitter & FriendFeed

Image via CrunchBase For the past few months Facebook has been obsessed with Twitter. It’s easy to see why. Twitter is addicitve. Many twitter users are constantly on twitter. Whenever you goto twitter there is always something new happening. Facebook obviously wants this experience on facebook. Why not copy twitter. I think Facebook could do it and do it better. Last week Facebook unveiled their new home page layout.

Portero Raises 6.6 Million

I am happy to announce that Portero has raised $6.6 million in funding. The round was led by LFE Capital joined by returning backers including Grosvenor Funds. TechCrunch picked up the announcement early this morning and featured us on their home page. As I have a bit of an insiders view, I felt it was my place to provide a bit of insight into why Portero is such a great company.

How RIM handed the mobile market over to Apple

Image representing iPhone 3G as depicted in Crunchbase Hint: It has nothing to do with touch screens. While RIM scrambles to create the next greatest device, or their “iPhone killer” it needs to recognize that it’s no longer about the device. RIM don’t you remember that touchscreens aren’t new.. Palm had them back in the 90′s … before you crushed them. When RIM ruled the world RIM knows what it takes to dethrone the current market leader.